I made the decision to build a marriage AND a business that would nourish me and my dreams and I can help you do the same thing.

Tired of blueprints, signature systems, workshops, retreats and webinars? Let’s work together, you and me, one-on-one, to improve your marriage, family and business.

I care deeply about the husbands (and wives) and the fathers (and children) of this world, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to help you build the life you want. The life you and your family deserve.

My passion is to provide you with the mindset, tools and mentoring you need to restore your personal power, help you make and keep more money, and have a relationship that fills your cup (overflows it, really.)


All I needed to begin my journey was support, and then to take the first step. I’m here to support you as you take yours.

You are only one decision away from a life that matters. Let’s get started.

My coaching programs are built with YOU in mind, not some “cookie-cutter form” that doesn’t really fit any real person.

All my clients experience powerful, life-changing breakthroughs, because I don’t stop working for them until they do. It’s that simple.

Since our lives are a journey, they deserve patience, passion and perseverance to develop. This takes time. And I’m the guy who gives you that. WAY MORE of that than any other program or person you’ll find out there. Trust me, I’ve built my entire business and life on this main difference.

Basically, I give YOU more than anyone else. Including You right now. Yes, you read it right. In the beginning of our work together, I will definitely work harder and more consistently than you will. But eventually, you’ll catch up. Then you’ll be able to sustain the foundation we build. You’ll be able to “Be Your Own BOSS.”

Click the link below to set up a call with me OR call me/text me right now while you’re all pumped up for it at 914.715.8909.

You will thank me later.

Warmly, Rick

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You will learn the mindset and tools, and have the mentoring, to build a marriage and a business that matters. You can communicate with your wife and children, co-workers or anyone else with ease and confidence. AND you will use personal power (not force) to create love and money.

My wife & I have been fortunate enough to have Rick in our life for our entire relationship. He has counseled us in our lives, both business & marriage. Since we are partners in our business as well as being married, coaching is a necessary part of our world. With Rick as our health coach, his unique approach & passion is self-evident.

With constant self-study & commitment, he truly works hard for all and pulls from his own experience in his exceptional marriage to Carol. If you are lucky enough to meet Rick, hang on for the ride of a lifetime.

Dr. David Greene, Scarsdale Dental Spa
If you’re ready to establish an honest connection with your spouse, a better business, and make more money, let’s talk.

Contact me for an Inspiration Session and to see if this program is right for you.

First, I’ll send a questionnaire via email, so I can get to know you better, then we’ll schedule a time to talk.

Rick Gabrielly has changed my life. With little interior motivation and direction Rick helped me get focused on the “ultimate gift,” my happiness. I learned from him that I do have skills that are usable and transferable, and that even in my early 50s it is certainly not too late for a career and lifestyle transformation! By working with me, not preaching at me, Rick continues to listen, suggest and do research just for me. He has been a wonderful gift in my life.

Gary Wojtas, New York

LIFE BOSS 2017 Program

Life BOSS logo 9c trans

Relationships - Money - Energy Health

Improve the area most important to YOU! (And the others improve too…)

Too many programs today use standard methodologies that don’t consider we’re all so different.

So how can one approach to making our love lives better work for everyone? It can’t.

We all think and work differently, so how can one set of theories help us overcome past money mistakes and put us back on the road to financial recovery? It can’t.

And what about our most important resource, our physical and emotional health? Is there one diet, nutrition plan or meal plan that will get us to eat right and move our bodies more often?

And since we all think AND feel in dramatically different ways, can we find that one program that will give us that powerful winning mindset? No way. It just doesn’t exist.

I should know. I’ve tried them all. So have you probably. That’s why you’re reading this right now...


From the Bedroom to the Boardroom Program

This is my 90-Day Platinum One-On-One Mentoring Program.

If you’re tired of blueprints, signature systems, workshops, retreats and webinars, this is for you. We will work together to improve your marriage, family and business. It’s as simple as that.

This package includes 18 sessions, 45-minutes each. We meet at least two times per week. The "Love Bonds" Online Course, three assessments and all the materials in the Hidden Currency Jumpstart Program (a $2,494 value) are also included.

We focus on the result, not the session.

Your Investment: 8,450.00

Want Results? Good. Let's Talk.

Questions? Go here to contact me directly . I’m happy to schedule a quick call as well.

The Hidden Currency Jumpstart - One Day "Wake Up Call"

The Ultimate Catalyst Training: One-on-One Coaching Program!   You’ll learn my 7 Steps to Creating a "Can’t-Wait-To-Get-Home" Deeper, Richer, Sexier Marriage, PLUS we’ll identify:

  • Your Money Story: Getting to the core of your Mindset
  • The Conversation: Opening the door with your Wife (or Hubby)
  • Five Stages of Money
  • Teaching Children Money
  • Money 5.0: Going to the Next Level Together
  • Taking Action: How to use my Resources and Tools to Build a Life that Matters

This program delivers maximum impact in the shortest time possible. It’s a four-hour intensive that includes preparation on your end. We need some time to plan assessments before our call or Skype session.

Your Investment: 2,494.00

Ready for something more? Good. Let's connect.

Questions? Go here to contact me directly . I’m happy to schedule a quick call as well.

Start the conversation with 3 laser coaching sessions with "The Marriage BOSS" Rick Gabrielly

Perfect for you if:
  • You'd like to get some coaching, but you're not quite ready for a commitment
  • You want to give the gift of open communication to a friend or loved one
  • You want a little review to get back on track with your spouse
  • You have some new areas you want to work on in your marriage

Your Investment: 1,750.00

Questions? Go here to contact me directly . I’m happy to schedule a quick call as well.

The "Love Bonds" Online Course

Take our popular foundational course on your own time. My Bestie and Dream Team Partner Extraordinaire Jenev, have packed all our best love lessons into an amazing video series, so both you and your partner can indulge. You’ll learn How to "Savor the Fruits of Richer Financial Communication" in 3 Short Weeks, PLUS you get all my best kept secrets to strengthen the connection with your favorite person. The package includes:

Version 3.4, Updated on February 1st, 2017! Was $297.00, now only $147.00!

Our Process

  • Step 1: What’s your story?

    We get to the core of the challenges in your relationship so you can uncover the obstacles in your way and set the stage for a loving, connected partnership.

    Prepare to:

    • Dig out the core problem and figure out what you want so we can chart a course of action
    • Create a roadmap to make navigating effortless
    • Set your intentions and cultivate a clear, defined vision
    • Design a customized program, personalized for your learning and implementation style
  • Step 2: Start the conversation

    Communicate with your spouse in a meaningful way and lay the foundation for healthy conversations that will make you feel lighter and freer than ever. We start small to build muscle and work our way up.

    Expect to:

    • Transform your conversation for a deeper and more honest connection
    • Design a personalized daily practice to help you finally make it happen
    • Integrate fun into your conversations to create a relationship filled with joy
    • Master the art of couples conversation
  • Step 3: Deepen the connection

    Dig into the key components of trust and support so you can feel the heat again. Rediscover the feelings of trust and confidence and lay the groundwork for new, long-lasting bonds.

    Get Ready to:

    • Cultivate a familiar warm and fuzzy feeling that signals the return of emotional security
    • Enrich your time together with understanding and compassion to nurture a deep level of love
    • Electrify your partner by injecting more passion into all your ordinary activities
    • Reaffirm your desire to be closer physically and restore the flame of devotion
  • Step 4: Let’s Talk Money

    Here, we unlock the source of so much marital stress: money. You’ll start to see money differently, so the magic returns. We relieve your biggest stressor by turning it into a plan for financial freedom.

    Aspire to:

    • Pursue common ground so you can take a financial snapshot with your wife
    • Use gratitude as a tool for appreciating what you HAVE, and feel your inner riches
    • Harvest a vision to supercharge your finances and build wealth, eliminate debt without deprivation
    • Design your prosperity plan so you can finally take charge of your abundance
  • Step 5: Let’s Talk Sex

    Bridge the gap between sensuality (what you’re feeling) and sexuality (the physical act) so you can get back to experiencing the chemistry you had when you first met.

    Aim to:

    • Ignite your love fireworks for a new level of intimacy
    • Drench your partner in love games to raise the bar during lovemaking
    • Practice vibrant daily health and fitness habits to nourish your body and mind
    • Let go of old ideas and programming to blaze a path toward knock it out of the park sex
  • Step 6: The Science of Love Momentum

    Take steps to ensure the adrenaline rush continues for years to come. This momentum makes it easy for your relationship to pick up steam no matter what happens.

    Plan to:

    • Use a monthly love Journal to ensure you take time for your relationship
    • Stay inspired by the simple act of giving so you can build love momentum
    • Build trust and confidence in all areas of your relationship so you can enjoy more freedom
    • Love yourself FIRST, so you can keep the love alive for your partner
  • Step 7: Perpetual Honeymoon

    Explore the ways your relationship is valuable and how it can keep giving you and your partner increased satisfaction, day after day, year after year. Experience a deeper connection, more money and better sex.

    Become equipped to:

    • Live every day with that honeymoon feeling, and feel young and charged again
    • See marriage as a sacred experience bringing inner peace and fulfillment
    • Master the actual language of a couple to bring excitement to your relationship
    • Celebrate the gift of your relationship with those around you, so your gifts can inspire others

Book a Session with Rick

Rick has been an incredibly large part of my life for years. Between his own personal experiences and immense knowledge from research, Rick always has helpful insight and advice in all aspects of life. I have never left a meeting with him without some type of new information to help me conquer one of life’s obstacles. His dedication to helping others is an inspiration.

Erin Rickard, New York

Rick Gabrielly is an incredibly heart-centered friend and colleague as well as a masterful mentor who has an absolute gift for assisting singles and couples with rebuilding, creating and actualizing satisfying, sustainable and super juicy relationships.

Whether you are looking for Mr. or Ms. Right or have recognized that your relationship has lost its Sizzle and you long for the Spark, the marriage buzz is for you!

Penny L. Sampson, Canada

We just love Rick! He is a constant source of inspiration and great ideas, and he really cares. It shows in everything he does. When you’re engaged in conversation with him he is focused on you and your needs. Rick is a great listener and knows how to ask all the right questions.

Tom & Debbie Mahony, New York

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