Rick Gabrielly is a passionate husband, father, author and American entrepreneur. As “The Marriage BOSS” he helps people around the world enjoy more vibrant relationships, stronger families and businesses that matter. (more below the photo!!)

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Rick’s limitless enthusiasm mixed with his love of technology, wellness, energy medicine and spirituality, inspires, motivates and supports his clients. By choosing love over fear, Rick creates an environment of high-vibration, light-filled possibilities to help others uncover, cultivate and celebrate their own unique gifts, as well as the gifts in those around them.

In this high-tech age, Rick demonstrates a level of personal connection with his clients and associates reminiscent of a bygone era. Rick lives and loves by his motto “Open Arms, Open Doors.”

Rick is a Board Certified Health and Life Coach and graduate of The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as well as Iona College. An avid fitness and wellness professional, Rick is the COO & Visionary at Scarsdale Dental Spa and Wellness in Scarsdale, New York. Training mind, body and spirit are his passion, and guiding fellow entrepreneurs on this path is his life’s work.

Married to Carol, his wife of 28 years (each day better than the last) and fully engaged in the lives of their two sons, Alex, 22 and Max, 16, Rick believes that our greatest gifts are found right in front of us.

He writes books and other stuff with his 12-year old Chocolate Lab Jack. (Yes he is a great editor, especially for a dog.)

From Rick:

“If you want to enjoy better relationships, make AND keep more money and feel the energy and health you once had, give me a call today. Here’s my direct cell, so you don’t have to think about it anymore! 914.715.8909

Go ahead and text me or call me and we can talk about your life and how I may be able to support you.”

Check out my services and see if it feels right for us to connect.

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